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In order to make a wish, you have to have a dream. And in order to have a dream, you have to have hope. Hope is what helps people keep showing up every day. We need HOPE more than ever! Making a wish and having someone hear it and affirm it, costs nothing. It’s okay to want something, even if it’s just for yourself. What do you need? What do you wish for? What are your dreams?

As a Wishkeeper, Palmisano loves collaborating with the wonderful souls of the community to collect and manifest Wishes. Collecting Wishes is her way of nurturing what we innately carry within us. The capacity to hope and dream. Manifesting them into physical pieces of art is Palmisano’s way of honoring and co-signing each dream.

100 Days of Wishes was a 2020 project that allowed Palmisano to discover her chosen path as Wishkeeper and help pass time during the COVID quarantine. Community members shared that the project also brought them a lot of joy and hope.

Wishes submitted in 2021 were used to create limited edition Wish prints for the Immersive Van Gogh gift shop and Wish originals, available during Palmisano’s residency. Some of the wishes collected in residency were used for a public installation at the 2022 Charlotte International Arts Festival.

In 2022, Palmisano collected Wishes to benefit We Rock Charlotte.


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