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These sessions are for you if you're ready to commit to your artistic growth and connect to creative flow. As a creative coach, Elizabeth promotes self-reflection and learning as an empathetic listener, providing thoughtful and judgment-free feedback. 


Who Signs Up for Sessions?

Some come to discover their creative self, others come to build out foundational art business blocks, others want to peer within and learn about themselves. All students are welcome.

Types of Sessions Offered:

  • Practical art tools/skill development  - Learn the basics of art and design and discover what you need to level up

  • Developing a regular studio practice - Establish your creative routine, how often do you make and try new things, how do you document your practice.

  • The business side of artmaking - Pricing your art, contract + grant writing, commissions and more

  • Self-Discovery and Mental shifts - Getting to know, love, and advocate for yourself

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