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NoDa Cloud Wall

Make a wish and become part of a historic Charlotte public art project led by local artist Elizabeth Palmisano.


The over 23,000 sq ft, multi-dimensional, sculptural mural, #NoDaCloudWall, will transform the parking deck and surrounding buildings on Grubb Properties’ new Link ApartmentsSM NoDa 36th.  By summer’s end, light rail riders coming into the city will be greeted by Palmisano’s cloudscapes floating alongside the 36th Street station.


Located on the former site of Herrin Ice at the corner of 36th St. and the light rail, the 532-unit Link ApartmentsSM NoDa 36th includes one commercial and two residential buildings, all served by a 566-car parking garage. Like all Link ApartmentsSM communities, it will provide essential housing for Charlotte, targeted at those in the middle of the income spectrum.


A major art installation, and the first of its kind, Palmisano is gathering handwritten wishes to inscribe on the back of the fabricated metal clouds.


Community Engagement

What started as a few events and collections, turned into a massive campaign. We wanted to
represent the full community which meant going to the people, not just asking them to come to
us. Elizabeth visited NoDa bars, coffee shops, churches, preschools and many other places to get a full
representation. The results have far surpassed what we originally dreamed of. Click through to see the community that wished the NoDa Cloud Wall into existence.


Be a Part of the Project

As a Wishkeeper, Elizabeth invites the public to entrust her with their hopes and dreams. She cosigns these wishes and creates artistic manifestations of each treasured desire. 


All in person events have been completed, but you can still submit a wish online.

See your wish become public art!

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In-Progress Updates

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