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Wishes and Whispers

Charlotte local Elizabeth Palmisano is a boundary-pushing fiber artist who combines abstract painted surfaces with textiles and collage to create rich, multi-layered compositions. She also considers herself to be a Wishkeeper. Experimentation, exploration, and play are key to her creative process. She has a unique gift for inspiring delight with whimsical details interwoven into complex installations and small upcycled creations.

Wishes and Whispers, on display during the 2022 Charlotte International Arts Festival, invites the public to engage with art in a playful way and reveal the wishes of Charlotteans hidden within. The installation is a physical manifestation of hopes and dreams collected during Palmisano’s residency at Immersive Van Gogh Charlotte in 2021.

Interactive Whisper installations are located Uptown at Wells Fargo Plaza from September 16 - October 2, 2022. Composed of watermarked handmade paper and upcycled materials, Whispers have images and wishes made by the Charlotte area community embedded within them. At first look, the artwork is faint and partially concealed, but once guests trigger the sensors, Whispers illuminate from behind to unveil hidden dreams. Whispers are triggered by movement like waving, jumping or passing by. Interested in sharing your own wish? You can submit one here.


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