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GOGH-ing on a Picnic

Immersive Van Gogh Charlotte commissioned fourteen local artists to paint Van Gogh-inspired picnic tables set up outside the venue at Camp North End. I was invited by Art Director Bree Stallings to submit a design for one!

Knowing this was a quick turnaround process, I went ahead and submitted four mockups based on some of my favorite Van Gogh work. When another artist had to pull out unexpectedly, they called me up and asked if I could do two! I was absolutely honored.

The two tables selected are based on “Wheat Field With Cypresses” and “Wheat Field Under a Clouded Sky.” I wanted to stick to my style but pull inspiration from the cloud formations in Van Gogh’s work. I also decided to stay as true to the color palettes in each piece as possible.

I learned how to create mockups during the META Mural residency I completed in 2020. As an intuitive painter, I typically use mockups as more of a guide rather than an exact design for approval. This was the first time I had to stick so closely to my original design, and it pushed me to grow as an artist and for that I am grateful.

I completed the two tables over five separate visits at a relaxed pace. I enjoyed meeting some new artists and catching up with the others painting, especially my bestie Lo'Vonia Parks. Just like the Rainbow Mural also at Camp North End, the feeling of collaboration was in the air. Even though we all had our own work, we lent each other a hand or brush where needed. Every table turned out great!

Make sure to check out all the artists on Instagram:

- Lo'Vonia Parks @lovoniaparks

- Aubrey Hedrick @aubreyhedrick

- Chad Cartwright @chdwckart

- Mike Grant @infamous_kiddo

- Dari Calamari @daricalamari

- Owl @owl.clt

- Robin Stallings @raraworks

- Swych @swych19

- Euli @euuuuuli

- DeNeer Davis @neerperfection

- Luvly Moon @luvlymoon_

- Kat Hoover @kat_eg_hoover


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