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Rainbow Wall: Radiating

The Rainbow Wall was immensely refreshing - a literal breath of fresh air. I was so grateful that when Camp North End asked Jen Hill to liven up a construction site, she chose me to collaborate with a group of super talented artists! The theme, if you haven’t guessed, was the rainbow color scheme featuring animals.

It was the first mural and in-person collaborative piece I’ve done since quarantine started. We each had a 100 square foot section and worked at an exhilarating pace - from start to finish in just ten days. I think we were all just so happy to be surrounded by other creative minds again.

Be sure to check out the other artists on Instagram.

Hnin Nie // @thepostfeels

Vanessa Nichols // @vmdsgn

Dari Calamari // @daricalamari

Juan Tresierra // @nony_clt

Bree Stallings // @breequixote⁣⁣

Anderson Brasileiro // @whoisghost1991

Jen Hill // @2Hills

Aubrey Hedrick // @aubreyhedrick

I got to experiment with spray painting on construction scrim, which turned out to be my new favorite material to paint on. Surprisingly, it's also the first time I ever worked with my best friend Bree Stallings on a piece of art together. We’ve done a lot of teaching and community work together, but I loved getting to collaborate on just art and weaving our pieces together. My mother, my partner, and bestie Lo’Vonia Parks came out to support me and pile on the love. Brooke Brown Photography, Adam Loves Eve Photo, and ArtWalksCLT all showed up to check out the progress. Reconnecting with other creatives and those important to me was extremely satisfying and meaningful.

Of course I found a way to utilize my favorite texture combo: fiber on fiber. I worked with my mom to try spray painting through lace for the first time and I love how it turned out! Without fail, my mom has come out to support me on every single installation I’ve worked on. I’m so thankful for our relationship and the creativity that stems from her.

The Rainbow Mural will be in its current location for about a year until the construction behind it is finished and then Camp North End will move it to another home on the property.

Working in direct collaboration with other artists really means a lot to me. I’m hopeful I will get the opportunity to create public work in this format again. There’s something poetic about illustrating the beauty of a space in transition. Hope radiates from each artist’s beam of light and promises great things to come.


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