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Do they only love you for your struggle?

There are people who truly love you when you’re broken, who don’t know how to love you when you’re healed.

They love you for your struggle. 

They support you through the pain.

They cherish you and wouldn’t have you any other way. And you are grateful, oh so grateful.

They hold space when we feel the depth of our despair.

But when you heal, they don’t know where they fit. 

You’ve leaned on them for so long, and now you don’t need to lean.

You stand tall. 

It’s not that they want to keep you broken; They just don’t know where they belong. Their lostness becomes their pain. They don’t know who else to be with you. And their pain turns into resentment and feeling abandoned. 

They may even rewrite the past to dull that pain – you must have never loved them anyway. 

We often see these people as drama hunters. But the truth is they serve a sacred role. They hold space when we feel the depth of our despair. 

They shine a light in our darkness- a welcome distraction, a bit of fun. 

Wish No. 33 - A wish for myself

But when we feel strong and bright. When we can no longer see their light because we have become so bright, they must find a new room to illuminate. And that doesn’t mean they didn’t love us. 

Don’t rewrite history. Honor the story. Honor their story, your story, our story. 

Honor the magic that they brought every day. 

My wish for myself:

I let go of my anger. I let go of my hurt when she rewrote our story. I thank her for being the light when I was stumbling in the dark. I forgive her for doing what she needed to do to stay sane.

My wish for her:

May she light up the rooms of all who need her light. May she feel and fully understand her magic and embrace her fire.

And so it is <3

Note: This is a "Wish" for myself during the the #100DaysofWishes project. To submit a wish of your own to the project or to learn more CLICK HERE. There is no cost to submit a wish. Wishes accepted ongoing through July 15, 2020.


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