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Conversations with Nature

In a world obsessed with containment - borders, walls, and fences - what happens when we open ourselves up?

Due to necessary COVID-19 precautions, I was unable to share this amazing show with you all. An installation of mine stood alongside that of some amazing artists! It now exists only digitally, but can still be seen!

This Hallowed Ground Artist: Elizabeth Palmisano, Photo: Drew Baron

This second Conversations With Nature exhibition showcases art that wrestles with themes as diverse as love, loss, divinity, death, and the urgency of protecting every inch of our sacred earth. The work is playful, but dark – introspective, but encouraging - all with the goal of inviting you into the mysteries nature is trying to reveal.

Featuring video and art by Matthew Guilin @roxnbugz, Kimberly McFadden Hutchinson @kimmchutch, Rebecca Jones @rebchinaali, Elizabeth Palmisano @ellafaeart, Nicole Schoepflin @nschoepflin, Joann Galarza Vega @joanngalarzavega, Sara Woodmansee @sarabelle_foto, poetry by Joy Surles @joysurles, and sound healing by Black Moon Soundscapes @blackmoonsoundscapes.

Creating curated art environments inspired by nature. Bringing attention to the mysteries of the natural world and igniting passion to sustain it. Click here to view the virtual show.

Author of The Art of Accepting, Elizabeth Palmisano’s work and voluntary service with youth, trauma survivors, and the under-served taps into the power of art, mindfulness, and experiential learning. Within these portals of discovery, connection, and expression, Elizabeth invites others to “try on” a new perspective. Her approach to teaching, training, art, work, and play revolve around allowance and space.


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