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"The Art of Accepting: 21 Invocations to Live a Life of Peace and Abundance" 

Electronic Book


Invocations represent the wishes we whisper under our breath—hoping that a power greater than ourselves may whisk them into existence. They are the dandelion seeds just before we blow, the candle, right before our breath, but after the whispered wish...they are the hope against the odds... they are me and they are you at the height of our optimism.

The problem with manifestation is there are steps to actualize it. It is not enough to go through the motions, we must go through a series of steps in order to receive.

This book will take you through all the pieces, in an order that allows your mind, heart, and spirit to open up to living a radically meaningful life.


This book is not about claiming your truth, it's about creating the truth you want to have.

When you invoke it into your life, you invoke it into the world so others can experience it. There is no authority higher than your inner voice.


This book features stunning artwork by the author, Elizabeth Palmisano and will serve as a daily practice for invoking a life of joy and abundance.

eBook-The Art of Accepting: 21 Invocations to Live a Life of Peace and Abundance

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