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Wishes for We Rock Charlotte

As a Community Partner for We Rock Charlotte, I decided to use this year's 100 Days of Wishes campaign to raise awareness and support their mission of inspiring youth to make disruptive change through music and film. The proceeds from the Wishes in this new rockin' collection will benefit We Rock Charlotte.

Over the past few months, community members were invited to submit wishes for We Rock and the voices they lift up. During We Rock's rebranding party, I asked attendees to write down a wish - a wish for the youth of We Rock, a wish for themselves, or for anyone who might need one.

I also hosted two Amplify! Workshops with the kids and youth where I collected their wishes, encouraged self-discovery + reflection through creativity, and got their help starting the physical manifestation process. Many of the colorful marks made in those workshops serve as the background for the Wishes, making them truly collaborative.

Click here to adopt a Wish and support We Rock.


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