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Who is Elizabeth Palmisano?

As an artist:

Play propels my process. When I enter the studio, set up my jars of water, my freshly filled squirt bottle, and pull out my paints and the various collage or fibers that call to me, I am ready. Working with children strongly influences my work. It is by working with my very young students that I find the strength to overcome all the negative self judgement and daunting expectations of an adult life. When at play, painting away at my easel, I am intrinsically motivated, free from any external rules. I feel no judgement, no shame. I am open. I am in the deepest depth of my authenticity. I am simply me.

As a educator:

Whether you are looking to spark your creativity, get past an artistic block, or inspire your group, I am happy to be of service.

Although I work as a professional teaching artist, I generally find myself in the role of trusted guide rather than that of a traditional teacher. I meet my participants where they are offering up art as a vehicle to freedom. Freedom from judgement–both internal and external. I encourage students to be gentle with themselves and to become as vulnerable as they feel comfortable with as they open themselves up to flow.

What is flow? It is that space where we lose time. It is the place where we forget to worry, where we escape all our troubles, where nothing exists except us and pure, uninhibited creativity. It is not about the product. It is about the process. Being in that safe, sacred space allows us the freedom to examine our past, our feelings, and our desires for the future without stopping to judge ourselves.

It is a space of empowerment.

Art has lifted me out of the darkness of depression, shame, and guilt. It is my mission to connect with others and invite them to play, be creative, collaborate, and try something new. Each group workshop or individual session is unique and based upon your creative goals. We may very well focus on a skill such as painting, papermaking, or printmaking, but the primary emphasis is placed on exploring the self, practicing taking risks, and finding flow.

As an activist:

I tell my story. If for no other reason than that is the only story I have license to tell.

My hope is that by sharing my journey and advocating for myself and my community, others will feel inspired to speak up for themselves, identify with others different from themselves, and become open to new ideas and ways of thinking about challenges facing our world today.

My mission as an activist is threefold.

  1. To draw attention to the lived experience of the working poor and spark meaningful dialogue regarding childhood poverty in the USA.

  2. To save items from the landfill and repurpose them as delicate, beautiful pieces of art worthy of my patreons’ walls and bring attention to how we may reduce our waste as consumers.

  3. To challenge the US societal attitude around notions of what is categorized as a luxury and what is deemed a necessity and by whom, and offer a space to reflect on the luxuries or lack in our own lives.


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