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Sister Series

Mixed media allows Palmisano to melt into the process at hand. She experiments with shape, color, and lines, each mark brings her a stroke closer to freedom. She paints in layers, each step informing and affecting the next. “What I like best about one layer may be a challenge to overcome in the next. My work evolves as I add each layer, and I rotate between several pieces at a time as I wait for paint to dry.” Sisters Series, is a continuation of the Twins Series which was created during a time of homelessness. Being without a home or a studio was heartbreaking, and Palmisano used art as her own form of therapy as she waited for her family to find a new home. Twins is a series of small works on paper, whereas Sisters is created on canvas and includes several large pieces. These pieces are not sets of twins, but rather groupings of sister paintings. “Just as my sisters and I do, they speak to one another as part of a family, but each piece also has the strength to stand on her own.”

Palmisano felt so galvanized by the vision and followthrough of these nonprofits, that after the mural was complete she decided to create four "mini-murals.” The materials are all upcycled, including paint from Innovation Alley, repurposed thread, and Palmisano’s artist-made paper.


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