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SAIL Art Afterschool Halfway Check In!

Hello Sail Families!

This week, the students worked on painting wood signs and approved digital stencils they designed last time we met. Over the weekend, I will take their signs back to my studio and apply their stencils to their hand painted signs.

The students learned how artists can use technology to design art and create stencils using Procreate and a precision cutting tool.

I can't wait to bring back their stencils and signs to them next week!

One of the other projects that we completed this semester are mobile sculptures. During this project we talked about how much math artist have to use to create work.

We had to decide how many strands of beads each student could use based on how much wire we had on hand. The students took the total amount of wire and divided by the number of students. Then they had to estimate how many beads each strand should have to keep each mobile sculpture looking uniform.

Everyone did a wonderful job completing their mobile!


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