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Prideful Portraits

2023 Pride Community Responsive Installation, Sponsored by the Arts and Science Council

Artists Dyair (@dyairart) and Elizabeth Palmisano (@ellafaeart) invited the public to share their experiences through #PridefulPortraits: An Immersive Exploration of Acceptance and Identity.

Guests wrote/drew responses on handcrafted paper butterflies and attached them to large panels along the space's perimeter, adding visual texture to Palmisano's intricate fiber work. Colored acrylic panels created by Dyair depicted portraits of diverse individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community here in Charlotte to frame each side of the large interactive panels.

#PridefulPortraits was a spot to add your voice, take a pride selfie, and celebrate who you truly are.

Photos are courtesy of Lora Denton

Artist Statement read:

Life is a series of transformations, coming out again and again. As our identities shift and we grow into our true selves, it can be difficult to know whether we'll find acceptance along the way.

What is a part of you that you wish you could share?

Dyair and EllaFae Art invite you to take a butterfly, write your answer, and hang it here to shine a light on your truth.


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