Handmade Papermaking Workshop

There is something magical about sharing techniques you develop along with traditional methods and experimenting with new friends. Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the magic ✨ on Saturday. More papermaking classes to come.

Thank you to Happenings Charlotte for the shout out in the Charlotte Observer. And as always thank you to C3 Lab for providing the space and supporting local artists.

The process begins with taking scrap papers and fibers and creating a paper slurry. Once the slurry is ready it is poured into a tub and sifted out using a screen-like tool called a deckle.

Next, the deckle is pulled from the tub and items maybe embedded into the wet paper.

Once the paper is transferred to a drying sheet, the sheets are hung to dry.

Once dry, the paper can be pulled from the drying sheet.

Once pulled, the handmade paper can be framed, sewn into a hand bound book, drawn on, or used in collage.

Here are some additional photos from my most recent Papermaking class. Click here for a listing of my upcoming classes and workshops.