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Paper As A


About the Work

It’s Rough: Paper as a Luxury
This work represents the transformative push brought on by adversity and the beauty that can come from humble, resourceful means.
The work begins with upcycling everyday fibers such as paper towels, napkins, as well as scrap threads and transforming them into delicate, beautiful pieces of handmade paper. 
"The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and reimagines the world." - Malcolm Gladwell
This generative reimagining is exactly what, Charlotte artist, Elizabeth Palmisano does for her community through her art -- only this time she's created the paper, too! 
When making her handmade paper, Palmisano engages a resourcefulness that she draws from facing adversity in her own life. To support others who may be dealing with financial adversity, she accepted donations of paper products for Harvest Hope Food Bank during the exhibition.
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