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Incantation at the Mint

About the Work

Incantation; an invitation, and a prayer. 

Look. Come closer. Be here. Be aware of the expansiveness, and delight in intricate detail. In art and community. There is more to come, more to see, more to know...when we look closer. I invite the ethereal and a sense of wonder, and find respite from the busyness of the world, in creation. Curiosity shapes the final piece. In this space, my hands seem to find their way to the next stitch, and my eyes fall on the next fleck of color for detail.

Experimentation, exploration, and play are key to my creative process. 

Incantation is a multi-layered, up-cycled, textile dreamscape. I created original artwork, which was photographed and printed onto fabric for layering and intuitive stitching. Delicate clouds of handmade paper hang throughout the dreamscape. Each cloud holds the memories of children’s big ideas as the paper was created using scraps of discarded artwork from the Fort Mill Cooperative Preschool’s art studio.
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