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part of Charlotte SHOUT! Festival

Charlotte local Elizabeth Palmisano is a boundary-pushing fiber artist who combines abstract painted surfaces with textiles and collage, to create rich, multilayered compositions. Experimentation, exploration, and play are the key to her creative process. She has a unique gift for inspiring delight with whimsical details interwoven into complex installations and small upcycled creations.


WISHES AND WHISPERS is the thread woven throughout the Charlotte SHOUT! festival, connecting visitors to the art and cityscape surrounding them. Sprinkled throughout the celebration, these 21 site-specific installations provide an interactive path from one experience to the next. There are five interactive Whispers with trigger points made to foster a sense of childlike wonder and discovery. Illuminate the Whispers to discover hidden Wishes in nooks and tucked away places.


Wishes & Whispers was created in collaboration with local artist Angela Clousher and artist enabler Kristen Gurri. Lighting engineered by Kyler Carter and Charles Lanning.


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