Certainly, no one may own a wish. There are far too precious, absolutley priceless. You are not purchasing a wish, but rather adopting it. 


To become a Wishkeeper, you'll pay an adoption fee of $55.


This fee, along with you acceptance of the Wish, indicates that:

  • You take this sacred role seriously

  • You are committing to take care of this sweet wish

  • You agree to co-sign all 100 wishes with me

  • You understand that I will hand select your “Wish” specifically for you based on what feels right. 


“Wishes” come framed to protect them from dust, humidity, etc. If you reframe them, please do so with care <3  


Project completion date is July 15th on the 100th day of the project.


Something to note: If you both submit a wish and adopt a “Wish” at the end of the project, the “Wish” you adopt will not be the one you submitted. When we take on someone else’s wish, we create a sacred circle, an agreement, that we are going to hold space in our spirit for what other people want to call in. As a huge fan of the power of community, I think this is really important. So I am asking the community to be in agreement that we are going to hold space for other people at this time. 


Thank you for making such a sweet commitment and agreeing to complete this sacred circle of hope and trust.


To learn more about the project as a whole and how these Wishes came to be, check out my 100 Days of Wishes page.

Become A Wishkeeper

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