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Boundary-pushing artist and educator Elizabeth Palmisano combines abstract painted surfaces with textiles and collage, creating rich, multilayered compositions. Her work often uses recycled materials, breathing new life into objects not typically considered for use in the creation of art. Experimentation, exploration, and play are key to her creative process.


Palmisano has a unique gift for drawing her audiences’ delight at the whimsical details interwoven into complex installations and smaller upcycled creations. And then deeper still, into a world of profound insights and deeper meanings. Understanding heart-felt truths are the catalysts for lasting and meaningful changes, Palmisano invokes the power of relatability and compassion to spark intrigue, raise awareness, and inspire action.


At its core, Palmisano’s message is clear: let all work be rooted in empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and love to promote healing. Acknowledging human limitations, let us strive to see ourselves and others with unconditional positive regard. This is the power of Palmisano’s presentations, curriculums, and workshops. Elizabeth employs an experiential and invitational approach that allows space for uncontrived and inevitable self-reflection and expansion of perspectives, through the process of creating meaningful art.
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